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We are quite proud of our customer satisfaction track record. We are told again and again that we are the best in this business. We are certainly the best quality and lowest priced supplier.

That being said...

Credit cards are charged under the name "Idea Express".
This is stated on our website, with your graphic and at the time of charging an additional email is sent with this info. Our phone number is also displayed on customer’s credit card statement. It is customer's responsibility to keep track of their dealings with us.

We deserve to be paid in full for any service and/or product we provide. Our bank charges us a fee for any credit card disputes. As a result, customers who attempt to charge back an amount because of not recognizing the charge or attempted refusal to pay for services we've provided, hereby agree and authorize us to charge an additional service charge of $45 per occurrence.

Returns are accepted only with prior written approval by our staff. Custom made products and printed products are generally not returnable or refundable once they have printed. Unless we actually ship the wrong item, or put a different imprint design than the proof that was sent to you. It is the customer’s responsibility to communicate special needs to us and to read all emails we send very carefully. Once produced, custom items must be paid for whether or not the customer accepts delivery. This is industry standard for customized products. 

Orders that are cancelled before graphic proof has been prepared will incur a $25 processing fee. Cancelled orders that have already had graphics work done will incur a $45 charge for processing and art time. If more complicated graphics services such as a logo re-draw have been provided, the charges will reflect our cost to have provided such service.

Cancelled orders after graphic approval will incur these costs + any other costs incurred up to time of cancellation, including screen setup costs. Order can not be cancel after 48 hours of graphic approval.

Customer must notify us immediately if changes are needed or if order is cancelled. We must be notified in writing if it is to be cancelled or changed

Once order has been run, customer agrees to pay for order in full. Refusing to accept delivery for order does NOT relieve customer from this responsibility, as these are permanently imprinted products.

Orders for blank products that are cancelled after order has been pulled from stock and packed are subject to a 15% restocking fee. If the order has shipped, all shipping charges are the customer’s responsibility.

In instances where customer has been sent a graphic proof and an order confirmation showing order details, it is the customer’s responsibility to thoroughly read these confirmations and proofs and to notify us of any changes or corrections needed. We cannot be responsible for errors overlooked by customers, this includes: graphic proofs, shipping address, items ordered, deadlines and other details of the order.

It is the responsibility of the customer to make the proper decisions regarding item desired, imprint colors, shipping methods and destinations, deadlines, customs procedures, duty fees, etc. It is up to the customer to thoroughly communicate any special needs to us. No claims or returns will be accepted where there was a special need which was not communicated to us.

Regarding colors, if there is a particular shade of color desired, it is the responsibility of the customer to notify us if they have a particular expectation of the color, such as a PMS pantone number. Thus, if customer simply states, for example, ‘green’ on their order, then it assumed that we are allowed to imprint any of our stock shades of ‘green’. We can accept no claims where we have been required to guess at a customer’s desired shade.

Read all emails from us!
Any email, proof, instruction or confirmation emailed by us is to be assumed to have been received and read by the customer. We cannot be responsible for problems arising because an email went into customer’s “spam filter” or was not read by customer for any reason.

Customers in foreign countries are responsible for knowing their own duties and import fees. When shipping is free, there may still be duties, customs charges, import taxes, etc. that must be paid by the customer. Shipping charges are estimates, and can change due to a number of variables.

If customer has a deadline or event, customer must specify it to us in writing on the order. When a deadline is specified on an order that requires rush service from our company and/or rush shipping, it is customer’s responsibility to pay for such services.  On orders where a deadline is given by the customer, we will ship when we promise to, or before. However we cannot be responsible for unforeseeable delays in shipping, such as acts of God, customs problems, or any other delays. Once goods leave the factory they become customer’s property. Customers who opt for lower prices in lieu of longest lead times will not be promised a delivery date (we can only give an estimate). Turnaround on slow production orders can be 6 weeks or more: Turnaround is a reference to when goods leave the factory. If customer has opted for sea vessel shipping, it is with the understanding that this delivery method is slow, especially with today's heightened security at ports. If there is a deadline, it is the customer’s responsibility to A) notify us of the deadline when order is placed and B) pay for faster shipping and production process if necessary.  

Exact pms matches are not always possible. For some products, there are variances in matching from batch to batch. Customers who want a specific color should order a spec sample to assure that the end result will be want they want.

Printing on some of our products is not printing on paper. Some surfaces are rough and detail will be lost compared to an actual computer graphic. Small lettering will fill in and lines will not be perfect. Customers must understand this, especially when submitting small and detailed graphics.

If you don't specify an imprint size, we usually imprint large and centered so that detail will show up and the item will look it's best. But, if there is something you want a very specific size, you should email or fax the info to us in detail.

New accounts, unless approved by our credit department, must secure orders with a personal credit card by the individual responsible for the order. Credit card will serve only as a guarantee in case of non-payment.
On billed accounts, the contact person who places the order agrees and acknowledges full responsibility in seeing that the order is paid. Unpaid debts will be attached to the contact persons credit as well as any other parties who are responsible for seeing that we are paid.
Customers are charged for exactly what they are sent. Note that large orders over 3500.00 will be charged additional 2% if being paid by credit card. We recommend payment by check or wire transfer for larger orders for getting the best price. Credit card chargebacks and returned checks will incur additional charges.

On unpaid invoices or amounts due us, customer authorizes a late fee of 3% per month, which will be added to the amount due. Customer also accepts and authorizes full financial obligation to pay any costs which we incur in collecting any unpaid debt by customer, including but not limited to collection company fees (additional percentage of the invoice), court appearance costs, lawyer fees and legal filing fees.

When directed by customer to print any logo supplied by any outside source, it is with the full understanding that Express shall be acting as agent of the customer on the printing of said materials. The customer, as principal, shall be fully responsible for having secured rights for use of such logo and shall accept full liability for any claims or actions arising from it’s use. In placing any order with Express, customer hereby certifies that they have full rights and permissions for the use of any graphic they are instructing us to print.  

We love our customers, and we jump through all kinds of hoops to get them the best product and to meet those intense deadlines. 99% of the time we are successful. NOBODY does it better than us. We've found that most orders where a customer has been unhappy with the final product occur when we've tried to rush things as a favor to a customer. Order early and communicate well.