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Gold and Platinum Imprint Techniques

All precious metal imprints and cap bands are not considered dishwasher safe and should be hand washed only.

1. 22K Gold/Platinum "Embossed" combined with Iced Gold/Platinum. 
The dramatic effect shown combines two distinct decorating techniques that appeals to the eye and to your touch. This texture example reflects our ability to combine "Embossing" with "Icing". 
2. Microwave Resistant 22K Gold or Platinum.
This imprint is available for the user that desires microwave resistant imprints and yet offers the elegance of precious metal. It is safe to put into a microwave. Microwave resistant gold will fade under heavy handling and machine washing. Its unique formula means it won't arc or spark in a microwave oven but maintains its beauty. You must specify 
microwave resistant gold/platinum on purchase orders. Please note: Microwave safe is slightly less brilliant than untreated metal.
Halo, Cap Band and Crown Band
Available in regular or microwave safe gold/platinum. 

Gold/Platinum Halo - 0.59 or 0.69 per glass**
Cap Band - Call for Pricing
Crown Band - Call for Pricing
Gold/Platinum logo or imprint - .Call for Pricing
Iridescent Gold or Silver (imitation non-metallic but shiny) - .15 per glass

**Note: Halos are thin. We only recommend it on glass items if you're looking for something very subtle. Platinum halos are not recommend on glass as it's too hard to see them.



3. Pinstripes 
Pinstripes continue to be a most popular choice to generate a classy look. This item is shown with an optional 22K Gold imprint, 22K Gold pinstripes and an optional 22K Gold cap band. Pinstripes look best as a wrap around imprint and a wrap around in 22K Gold will incur a two sided or double 22K Gold charge. 
4. 22K Gold or Platinum  "Embossed" Effect-Ceramic.
An award winning process of embossing (or coin effect) can be imprinted on ceramic or glassware to create the upscale image. It is priced as a two color imprint, plus the additional charge for precious metal per side. A 22K Gold or Platinum embossing will also incur a double screen charge ($70). 
5. Iridescent Gold or Platinum. 
Iridescent gold is an affordable option that looks great. Iridescent inks are an incredible value because the inks are priced the same as regular ceramic inks. Iridescent inks are best accented on darker contrasting colored mugs. Iridescent inks are a acceptable option or substitute for 22K Gold or Platinum. 
6. Iced 22K Gold or Platinum.
This "NEW" process is unique to and is a dramatic new look for enhancing a 22K Gold imprint. The gold is a raised imprint with texture. Iced 22K Gold may be used on glass or ceramics and porcelains. It is priced as a two color imprint plus the normal 22k Gold imprint charge.